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D’Leonor Inland Resort, a tourist spot in Davao City.

Emafe (Fema) and I visited D’Leonor here in Davao City the other day. Ten of our family members and one friend went with us. As a group we ate roasted pig and relaxed in the wave pool. It was a cloudy day but it was still a good day to[…]

Divine Mercy, a tourist spot in the Philippines

On the way to Davao City we dropped by a religious tourist spot named Divine Mercy. The site consists of a good sized church, a large landscaped park, and a big statue of the legendary Jesus Christ. There is also a place to light candles and some souvenir booths lining[…]

At a Monastery in the Philippines

I visited a monastery with Emafe and her family the other day. The location was silent and solemn with trees, open space and a small prayer room. As a family we took time to sit, walk and reflect. Most of us wrote prayers on little paper cards. Renz even wrote[…]